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"The SCENAR pain machine for me has meant that I can get relief from pain. Before the use of the machine, I had no way other than pain pills to get rid of pain. The pain pills did not ever take away all the pain. Now even though I get up in the morning with pain, after using the machine for as long as I need, I am free of pain. I can go out with son and daughter in law and enjoy live music, eat out, go to the beach pain free."

Joyce, 83 year old SCENAR user

"I really can’t say enough good things about Katie’s treatments with the SCENAR. I am feeling good and my aches and pains are mostly gone after a treatment. I truly believe that there will come a time when I won’t need them as much. I am a caregiver so I have a lot of pain issues, both physical and emotional. I’m not sure why or how but the treatments also give me an emotional lift. That is very important to me because I set the tone and mood in our house. Just today I was in bad shape from lifting a wheelchair into the car and my hands and neck hurt as well, a common problem. It’s been an hour since my last treatment and I feel incredible. To me, one of the most important things is that Katie is a great person, compassionate, kind and caring. I feel very lucky to have Katie in our lives!"

Jan A

"I have introduced the SCENAR to patients and I have gotten great results. It has been amazing that with one treatment the patient improves 90 to 100%. If I get these results with the sports I wonder what results I would get with the pro?!?...SCENAR has recognized you as the expert on the Sports device. They gave me your name to contact if I have any questions the staff could not answer. They really hold you in high regard concerning the knowledge you have on this technology."

Noemi, Naturopathic Doctor

"I am playing doctor around again. My grandson goes to WSU and every Sunday he comes down with a friend or two and we eat, do his laundry, turn on movies and I do SCENAR on them. Last Sunday he brought a gal with real back problems, no insurance, no money because she is going through school on scholarships. We worked on her and she said that I hit spots that it took two weeks for acupuncture to find. It really helped, so she is coming next week to get round two."

Janet M

"Hi Katie, Thanks for checking in on me! I am doing very new nerve pain whatsoever. Very grateful for you and that wonderful machine. We will be leaving for our home in Edmonton for cancer treatment. We will be back at the end of January."


"What the pain machine has meant for my mother in law is that she has confidence that she can get rid of the pain. She can control it and use it independently. Before the pain machine, I always felt that she had no control of what happened in her life. Now she has some control of at least her pain. She gets up in the morning with stiffness and pain, and uses the machine independently until the pain is gone. She is taking care of the machine by herself. I do check the settings regularly. I am talking about a lady who has never been able to use a microwave or a remote for a TV. I would recommend the use of this SCENAR pain machine to anyone who is dealing with unrelieved pain. I called several people in the family who are dealing with different issues and recommended it to them."

J.S., who cares for her elderly mother-in-law with SCENAR

"I'm impressed with the SCENAR therapy so far. I just recently been using the SCENAR sports device with my family. As far as I can understand it, the technology is one step further than biofeedback / neurofeedback. Both of these methods take measurements of either brain waves or an electrical impulse but do not "communicate" with the body. That in itself is quite impressive."


"It's working just great. Had a ride over a bumpy road in an SUV at too fast a speed – result a sore back. Between a cold pack and SCENAR – no more pain. My shoulder is getting better and better too. Martha is really using hers more frequently than I. She already needed to buy a new battery..."


"I tried the SCENAR protocol you emailed on the here and now and 3 & 6 pathway. His pain resolved by the next morning...I have remarkable update. The CP (Cerebral Palsy) patient has 35% more flexibility in all his extremities. His vision has cleared. He is able to sit straight and hold his head straight. He gets into the car without help and up the ramp at his home and into bed without hitting the bed with his feet. I have only done 6 sessions and he is off on a 2 week vacation up north (Washington State). He is 47 years old and has had CP since birth. I have videos of his progress. When you are back in Tucson we can go over them. The CPs father came to see me about macular degeneration and SCENAR treatments. I started treating him and on his second visit I found out he has a pacemaker after giving him 1 treatment. His balance improved with the treatment (he uses a walker). I was disappointed because I know that he could be treated for many other things. I did informational cleanse, 3p6p. He did not feel anything in relation to the pacemaker. He really wants the treatments."


"Just to let you know a miracle happened yesterday after SCENAR patient's mom brings him to the office and after the treatment they went grocery shopping. His mom told him to stay in front of the store until she finished. when she was done, she could not find him at the front of the store. She had him paged and one of the store employees went to check the car. She found him inside the car. He has also felt a release in his hips!! He had gone out, opened the door, took the stool out of the car and got in. His mom told me that he has never in his life done this. She was all smiles to day. He states his vision is alot clearer. Due to this, his father came for a treatment for macular degeneration. I did info cleanse, collar and 3p6p...He felt more balanced (he came in using a walker)."


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